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Star Products Co., Ltd.

Unit A, 7/F  Kader Building

22 Kai Cheung Road

Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong

Tel: +852-3563-6100   Fax: +852-3563-6110

The Rose Water, The Rose Tea, and ZBlossom's Splendid Tea are sold exclusively through Elim Development Ltd.; Shops are located in Admiralty,  Jordan, and Shatin.

Hong Kong 

Please contact Ms. Iris Lo at +852-3563-6100 or e-mail at


On Japan related issues, please contact Kenneth Zee at +852-5199-8000 (HK), +81-80-3019-8168 (Japan) or e-mail at


Please contact Aaron Huang at +86-133-9633-8676 or e-mail at

We are what we repeatedly do; excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.

Besides our Rose Tea, we have added another wonderful product in our product line - "ZBlossom's Splendid Tea."

About us


We are a consulting and marketing company specializing in 1) petroleum based specialty products (e.g. asphalt, sulfur, paraffin wax), and 2) Organic Products (e.g. rose water, rose tea, splendid tea, plant base collagen, and holistic healing supplements.)

Company was first established in 2010 with the desire to service and enhance the operation of our family of companies outside the soils of mainland China, Middle East, Switzerland, and Japan.  The company is led by industry veterans of Asia Pacific and Greater China markets.  



Our stable and current big seller is the 100% organic damascus rose water under the brand name "The Rose Water".  



 Please visit our website:  for more information.



We also will sell rare red damascus rose tea petals under the brand name "The Rose Tea"


 Please visit our website: for more information.


Both products are exlusively retailed through Elim Development Ltd. ( 


We also sell limited volume of organic supplement namely 1) Collagen originated from Switzerland and 2) Herbal supplement from Egypt for people with a) Diabetes, b) Hypertension, and c) High Cholesterol.  All products must be consulted from our herbal specialist before they are sold to you.   For appointments with our specialists, please contact us.